Ex Aequo Et Bono

The pungent truth.  The recent rape and death of young seya may actually be a wakeup call for all of us. Not of what the justice system is, but what are attitudes and priorities are as a society.
Fact: Children get raped every day in this country. From Infants to 18 year olds. We are probably one of the leading countries to manufacture child pornography. Every time you visit a beach (yes I’m talking about that beach you probably use as a get-away from all the chaos in your life), there is a possibility that there is a child in the next room sold for all sorts of reasons. Child-sex tourism exists! (and talking about it does not erode our culture)
Orphanages. How often are orphanages investigated? Do we really know how well these children are taken care of? They’re the unloved, and unnoticed after all (as harsh as this is, it is reality) do you as a member of society know how often children get molested?

If little Seya wasn’t killed, what would your reaction be? Would we have even heard of this disgusting story in the media? Would her parents have hidden this, afraid of the shame it would bring their family? Would we as a society still have hunted the perpetrator/s down? Would we have still demanded justice?

Or may be we would have heard about it ( An insignificant article in a newspaper) Her family may have made a complaint, her family may have sought justice and the justice system may have failed her anyway.               
Fact: Women.  Men. Women and men get raped every day too.  They most often suffer silently. Nobody really cares.  The justice system has now become an obstacle to itself. Vidhya was raped and killed. She made it to the news. There were vigils, debates and with it she faded away too.  If she wasn’t brutally murdered would vigils of support have been organized anyway?  Would we have still given her cause, the due attention it needed? Would we as citizens actually cared?
Or would the media have shamed her? “she asked for it” “it was the uniform she wore

If she lived to tell the tale, would we have listened to her? In all honesty could she have sought justice?

How many deaths of this nature would it take for us to realize that something is truly wrong with our system? And most importantly our attitudes. Do people need to be brutally killed/raped to  create a shock wave?

Can we not as a society change/reform laws and attitudes before the next attack of this sort happens?

The Media sensationalizes these deaths. I suppose anything for a better rating. But is this sensationalism needed to grab your attention? Had not these deaths happened would we have still spoken out loud about these issues? Do we as a society need to see photographs of the crime to empathize and/or to feel disgusted?

The story of Ajith. An individual with autism was raped. Why is the news slow to grab on to this terrible incident? Is it because he wasn’t killed? if he was, wouldn’t we have given this crime the much needed attention it deserves?

Wouldn’t the AG of this country have acted on this matter sooner? YES!  Would the judge have granted bail to the perpetrators? Most probably NOT!

If the above is true, something is truly wrong with how we function.

We are either immune or terribly sick in the head!

The reality is the justice system is not equipped to handle Ajith’s plight.  A human being with autism needs to be dealt with special care. The trauma that he may go through in this ordeal will be far greater than any individual in this situation. But does the system take this into consideration? WHY is it not taken into consideration?

Clearly the justice system has not evolved. We as a society has failed each and every individual who goes through this sickening plight. And we keep failing as we have grown to be quite comfortable. We too are responsible.

Our logic:Blame the Victim if he/she lives.
Seek justice if victim is dead.

What kind of mentality is this?

From what I hear, a state counsel has  to deal with an average of 75 cases a day. There are over 170 vacancies that need to be filled at the Attorney General’s Department (apparently). Can a lawyer give his fullest attention to 75 cases he/she handles a day. Has justice not failed already? When 100’s of Attorneys at Law pass out twice every year why is there still a shortage of counsels in the AG’s Department. And why are we as citizens alright with this situation?

What kind of bubble do we live in?

May be we are only interested in the political aspects of this country.

When are fundamental rights were eroding did we not oust the previous regime? If we the citizens could have done all that why are we not questioning the administrators of justice too? Should we not create some form of accountability? After all it is high time we question the backlog of cases in Courts. The insensitivities when dealing with rape victims itself is a question that needs to be discussed.  It is high time the laws of this country stopped being sexist. Stopped being ridiculously patriarchal and most importantly reformed to be in line with the 21st Century.

Should we not as the general public of this country be equally blamed for being comfortable in this mess. Are we all not responsible for our apathetic attitude?

We should be first disgusted of ourselves.


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